Why the name Foreign Friend?

Foreign (adj.) 1. belonging to a country or language other than one's own. 2. strange and unfamiliar.

Friend (n.) 1. a person whom one knows and with whom one has a bond of mutual affection

Coffee is our Foreign Friend. Planted in exotic soil and cultivated by hands native to a distant land, these beans travel a great distance before making it into our cup. Each coffee has a story that significantly impacts what flavors it produces. Rich soil, high altitudes, and ripe cherries are ideal for a clean, crisp coffee. How farmers separate the seed from the fruit (washed or dry methods) can also result in different tastes. What if its harvested, picked, and processed under the best conditions? That still leaves the storing, roasting, grinding, and brewing; which can bring life or death to your cup.

Like people, coffee is complex. Many aspects of its life shape and influence what you experience in your cup. Together we can learn more about these beans that have become essential to our lives. Similar to relationships, what we come to know may change our perspective, altering how we buy, brew, and drink it. That's my hope.

Even further...

There are stories of people we see regularly but have yet to hear. In the past, I've prejudged people and coffee. Now, I intentionally get to know them, and hearing their stories deepens my appreciation of both.

So here's a challenge... 

Get to know the Foreign Friend in your life. Whether it's coffee or the neighbor you always wave at but haven't stopped to talk to. Better, invite them over for coffee!

My life wouldn't be the same if a few strangers, now my best friends, hadn't invited me over to share my story with them. You never know whose life you could change or who could change your life. 

Learn more about my journey to becoming friends with strangers.

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